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Chiropractic Care

  • Spinal adjustments-restores normal function to spinal joint and nervous system, stimulates innate healing system, and prepares the spine for posture rehabilitation.
  • Extremity adjustments-corrects the dysfunction of wrist, elbow, shoulder, jaw, foot, ankle, knee and hip joints.
  • Pediatrics-children as yound as newborns receive innumberable benefits from Chiropractic
  • Expecting mothers-chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can help relieve some unpleasant symptoms and aid in recovery after childbirth.


  • Spinal warm-ups keeps spine moving in full range of motion
  • Core strengthening system-core stavility increases balance, coordination, and improves body structure
  • Activities of daily living-teaches patients how to perform daily tasks without compromising their musculoskeletal health
  • Personalized exercise programs-tailored to patient’s needs and goals
  • Spinal molding system and Foam roller-restores the natural curve of the spine

Foot/Ankle alignment

  • Posture Control Insoles-realigns excessive pronation that causes tension and poor posture
  • Heel lifts-equalizes leg length
  • Foot loveleers orthotics-foam casts of the feet, sent off to a lab in Virginia for custom foot orthotics


  • Computerized symptoms survey-informs patient and doctor which organ systems are stressed
  • Diet modification counseling-personalized diet and lifestyle change organic supplements solutions to nutritional deficiencies suggestions
  • Nutritional evaluation and supplement recommendations-whole food

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