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Care Accident and Chiropractic Care

Getting into a car accident can be a pain in the neck in more ways than one. There’s the police report, insurance paperwork to make a claim, and the inconvenience of your car being out of commission for awhile. Then there’s the potential damage to your body. The sudden acceleration of your head and body at the time of impact causes micro trauma to the soft tissues that hold your bones together. This subtle tearing of the soft tissues can lead to pain, swelling, and stiffness.
Some accident victims recover well on their own, but others end up with chronic long term pain, stiffness, and premature arthritis. The risk of a car accident injury becoming chronic in the biggest reason to visit a doctor of Chiropractic trained in this area.
The damaged soft tissues become inflamed and swollen in the beginning. It can take days or weeks for the pain to set in, which is why we suggest getting checked within two weeks of the accident. Over time the body responds to the irritated tissue by depositing scar tissue in its place. If this process occurs without proper care, then the joint and surrounding tissue can end up stiff and painful long term. Competent care insures that the spine heals with good movement and alignment. It is very rare for my patients to end up with chronic pain and stiffness if they follow their program of care. One of the keys we’ve discovered is early introduction of rehab exercises. Our patients begin appropriate exercises within a week of starting care here.
Here are a few tips we’ve discovered over the years:

  1. Get checked within two weeks after an accident. Delaying care may affect your health and the likelihood that your bills will be covered by insurance.
  2. Be consistent. It sends a confusing signal if you begin care and then take off for a month.
  3. Communicate with your insurance agent and attorney if you find you need legal help.
  4. Do your homework. Your doctor will likely assign you things to do at home to get better faster.

Call us at (435) 654-5008 to make an appointment immediately if you’ve been in a car accident.

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