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Dr. Leif Erik Nielson of Nielson Chiropractic Center

Leif Erik Nielson
Doctor of Chiropractic

The human body is a self-healing system designed and built for many years of worry free use.  It is not, however, self correcting.  If you fall out of a tree and break your arm, you may need outside help to correct the problem.  People come to our clinic when new and old traumas, poor posture habits, poor diet choices, environmental toxin exposure and mental stress have overwhelmed their bodies’ ability to adapt and heal.  It takes specialized training and time to discover the cause of break down in the body systems.  The key is trust.  You must trust your bodies’ ability to heal once the pressure has been lifted and the building blocks of health have been restored.  Also you must trust the doctor you have chosen to guide you back to excellent health.  At Nielson Chiropractic we work as a team to discover the cause of the problem, correct it, and maintain vibrant health long term.  We figure you only get one body; you might as well learn to use it the way it was designed.

Dr. Nielson coaches soccer and squeezes in a Karate practice with his kids when the schedule allows.  It was martial arts training as a child that sparked his interest in the structure and function of the human body. His lifelong passion is to understand what the body needs to work at its best. 

Early in his career he discovered that many patients had difficulty maintaining the correction they had received in the clinic.  This problem pushed Dr. Nielson to find ways of supporting the foundation of the body so that spinal adjustments would hold long term.  Out of this search came foot orthotics, “Standard Process” nutritional supplements and specialized rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the nervous system and the muscles that hold the body in its correct position.  This comprehensive approach has earned Dr. Nielson reputation for achieving lasting results.

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